Mountain Man’s Defense of Individual Sovereignty Leaves Judge Speechless

Judge abandons ship, case closed. Ernie Wayne Tertelgte

Ernie Tertelgte says he’s being wrongly prosecuted against “natural law” and the right to life for trying to feed himself. He was arrested on Monday and is accused of fishing without a license and resisting arrest. His defense of sovereignty is pretty epic.

Ernie Wayne Tertelgte is a 52-year-old Manhattan, Montana man living under natural law.

This video shows the heated exchange between himself, acting as his own defender, and Three Forks City Judge, Wanda Drusch:

It has been viewed over 200,000 times in less than 24 hours on Youtube!

At one moment, he pointed to the courtroom flag and said:

“That is the Jolly Roger, that thing you call the American flag with the gold fringe around it is the Jolly Roger, and you are acting as one of its privateers!”

He was referencing the courtroom flag with gold fringe, a symbol of maritime law, meaning the practice of law outside the United States – arguably, the much bigger obstruction of justice. He schools the courtroom on Constitutional-bound law.

He told the judge “Do not tell me to shut-up!” The officer does not comply with her request to remove him from the court. When she finally needs to leave out of frustration – signaling an abrupt end to the hearing – he calls out:

“No way – get back here and finish this! Hey, hey! Get back here and finish this!”

Later this month:

MANHATTAN – It was a packed courtroom on Tuesday for the hearing of Ernie Tertelgte, a Manhattan man who says he’s being wrongly prosecuted for trying to feed himself.

Tertelgte, 52 years old, was arrested on Monday and is accused of fishing without a license and then resisting arrest.

He appeared before the judge via video from the Gallatin County Detention Center, and it was standing room only more than a dozen friends and family members filled the small courtroom.

Tertelgte appeared subdued and respectful before the Justice of the Peace during Tuesday’s court session, which went very differently than his court appearance earlier this month.

This time, extra law enforcement officers were in court Tuesday and the proceedings happened without any outbursts.

A friend of Tertelgte’s told us that he and the others came to court to enforce the Constitution.

William Wolf said, “It’s we the people that run this and rule this country, not we the courts, not we the government, and if the people don’t start standing up for themselves and for each other, we are going to continue being subjects of this government.”

Justice Adams set Tertelgte’s bond at $500 and his next court hearing is scheduled for January.

This might be a good time to learn about the


The assumption that a certain thing is true, and which gives to a person or thing a quality which is not natural to it, and consequently establishes, a certain disposition, which, without the fiction, would be repugnant to reason and to truth. It is an order of things which does not exist, but which the law prescribes or authorizes. It differs from presumption because it establishes as true, something which is false; whereas presumption supplies the proof of something true.

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Update Nov 22nd:

The raw video has been seen 440,000 times on Youtube…

Latest Tertelgte court session with same judge Wanda Drusch: